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Autobiography – Donald “Donny” Rasmijn

Born on March 15, 1962 son of Aruban parents and raised in Aruba. He is a happily married man with six-(6) sons. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and continued his studies in Energy Convertion and Environmental Engineering at Technical University Delft, in the Netherlands.

He has worked twenty-five (25) years in the petrochemical industry as a Project-, Process-, Combustion-, Turnaround-, Operation- and Oil Exploration and Research engineer. He worked for eleven-(11) years at the Aruba refinery under Coastal Aruba Refinery Corporation, El Paso Aruba Refinery and Valero Aruba Refinery.

In 2001, he was approached to join politics in Aruba with the Arubaanse Volkspartij (AVP). AVP is a Christian Democratic Party, and a member of the organization, Christian Democrats of America (CDA). He accepted the challenge and has participated in four elections since then. As a local engineer, he always wanted to serve his country in a political position, as a form of appreciation, and to contribute to help solve challenges that the island faces.

AVP won the elections in September 2009 and he has been a senator in the Parliament of Aruba since then. In the Parliament of Aruba, Mr. Rasmijn has been a member of (AVP) Fraction for almost eight-(8) years. He served in several Standing and Special commissions, where he is the president of the Standing Commission of Innovation, Science, Energy and Sustainable Developments and president of the Special Commission of Occupational Safety.

The Parliament of Aruba, is also a member of Parlamento Latino Americano better known as Parlatino. Mr. Rasmijn has been a member of the Commission of Energy and Mines, Environment and Tourism and Agriculture, Farming and Fishery. As a member of Parlatino, he participates regularly in political dialogues for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) ,as well as, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), both forming part of the United Nations regional commission to encourage economic cooperation.

He also participates in the Dutch Kingdom Parliament Dialogues where he presides topics of Alternative Energy, the United Nations Development Programs including Center of Excellence for Small Island Development States and the seventeen- (17) Sustainable Development Goals.

Donny and his familyHis main area of focus is sustainable development of family, the environment and nature. He believes that family is the backbone of a country and must be protected.  Achieving this, through guidance in household finance, job opportunities and economic prosperity and stability so that parents have the tools to instill good values and principles in our youth on Aruba. The well-being of children growing up in healthy families with a strong education, norms and values filled with attention, affection and love of their parents and siblings, is of utmost importance for him. The elderly, have also a special place in his heart, with focus on providing them with proper care and attention for them to have a peaceful, healthy and comfortable life.

As a senator, he advocates protection of traditional families, environment, nature, workers safety, represented the Plataforma Ley Di Cacho (Law for the protection of dogs) and is the initiator of the Plastic Bag Law.

He is also a film actor, who acted in Siñami Stimabo and Natalia, both local productions. He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and is a gospel/worship singer. He participates regularly in several volunteer activities, namely “Aruba Doet” which is held annually, as well as both Mobile Mass Sterlization Hospitals for stray dogs that have been hosted on Aruba the last two years.

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