Mission & Vision

To create a country sustainable for families, youth, elderly,
people with physical limitations, the environment and nature.

To work towards sustainability in all areas that require enhancing.

Donny stretching out his arms


Donny always promotes and support sports for the youngsters and does believe in sports academy where the youth will be doing school requirements first and continue in practicing their sport on an effective way. He also will be working on a fiscal incentive for the youth to be able to get their sport equipment and material for a better price.


The family is the “backbone” of our society and must be protected and supported. They will be guided in how to confront challenges in life, provide attention and love to children so the latter can achieve good results in education and sports. The elderly will also get more care and attention for them to have a healthy, better and comfortable way of life.


Donny has always been a strong advocate for our environment and nature. Protecting the environment makes our island sustainable and livable while sustaining the most important industry of Aruba, tourism. Introduced the plastic ban law in 2017 and will follow in banning styrofoam materials as well. Introducing, classes in environment and nature at schools, bills to enforce protection and recycle materials is important.


Our goal is to achieve 100% alternative energy on Aruba with the exception of the refinery that will be using natural gas. Solar panels are being installed on house roofs, parking lots, government buildings, hotels and parks to generate electricity during the day. The 30 MW wind turbine park will also be expanded. Technologies like Tesla Battery, flywheel, compressed air in the sea, deep sea cooling, intelligent automated system together with efficient supply operation will play a major role.

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